D. Nominations & Appointments Report

Dear Region 1 Assembly Members,


 In line with the Duties of The Region Assembly as specified in Section 6.2 of the IEEE Region 1 Bylaws of the Board of Governors, the 2018 Region 1 Nominations Committee is submitting herewith to the Region 1 Assembly the final report of its efforts to select a slate of nominees for the position of Region 1 2020-2021 Director-Elect/Delegate Elect for your consideration during the August 11th Assembly meeting.


 The Nominations Committee adhered to all of the requirements affecting it as specified in Section 8.0 of the IEEE Region 1 Bylaws of the Board of Governors.


Following is a brief overview of the actions that were taken by the Nominations Committee to assure due diligence in regards to the execution of the duties required to fulfill its mission of the selection of a slate of nominees to be forwarded to the Assembly for its consideration in carrying out its responsibility of selecting a final slate of candidates whose names will appear in the 2019 IEEE Ballot to be voted on by the eligible voting members of Region 1:


  •  Multiple Call for Candidates were sent to all members of Region 1 specifying the necessary requirements in order to be considered for the position of Director-Elect. As a result of these calls for candidates, eight IEEE members responded, and six IEEE members ultimately self-nominated themselves as candidates.
  • The Nominations Committee requested each candidate to submit the following written documents; a) a personal biography, b) a Position Statement and c) a Statement of Willingness to Serve.
  • The Nominations Committee individually interviewed each candidate via a 30 minute conference call asking each candidate five carefully selected questions.
  • Given all of the information mentioned above, the Nominations Committee spent a considerable amount of time evaluating each candidate given the requirement that the Committee select no less than two and no more than three names as nominees for the position of Director-Elect to the Assembly.


After long, arduous and thoughtful deliberations on the part of the Nominations Committee members, a motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved directing the Committee to forward the names of the following three (3) candidates to the Assembly as the Nominations Committee nominees for the position of Region 1 2020-2021 Director-Elect/Delegate-Elect (sorted alphabetically by last name):


  1. Greg Gdowski
  2. Jason Hui
  3. Bala Prasanna

One of the three candidates whose name was not forwarded to the Assembly as a Nominations Committee nominee decided to run as a Petition Nominee as specified in Section 8.5.2 of the Region 1 Bylaws.  He has successfully received the required number of Assembly member signatures to allow the Nominations Committee to submit his name to the Assembly as a Petition nominee. Accordingly, the Nominations Committee is pleased to forward Dan Sniezek’s name to the Assembly as a Petition nominee. In that the IEEE takes pride in its ability to treat all volunteer leaders equally and fairly, each of these four nominees should be judged on their ability to fulfill the responsibilities of this position on an equal basis by the Assembly.


Please find attached the written documentation that each of these four nominees have submitted to the Nominations Committee as described above.


In conclusion, the Nominating Committee wishes all four Nominees (in alphabetical order),


  • Greg Gdowski
  • Jason Hui
  • Bala Prasanna
  • Dan Sniezek

well in pursuit of this important IEEE volunteer leadership position, and wishes the Assembly well in their important deliberations.




2018 Region 1 Nominations Committee

Ronald Tabroff – Chair

Fred Mintzer

Ronald Brown

Joseph Ott

Jason Bates