WA – Buffalo on 03/30/2019

Preliminary WA: Buffalo Section Report






WA: Buffalo

Section Officers


Section Chair

Officer name


James Bates



(716) 773-9535

Member email



Web Identity

Use of your photo


The photo being utilized is fine.

Email address


The email address being utilized is fine.

Linked In web address


The linkedin address being utilized is fine.

Section Vitality and Management

Is this your first R1 BoG meeting?



How many Excom meetings has your Section run this year?



Is your Section in an election year for officers?



Have you appointed a Nominating Committee for your Section?



Has your Section conducted an audit recently?



Have you reported the outcome of the Audit to the R1 Treasurer, Bala Prasanna?



Is your Section sending any students to the R1 Student Conference this year?



Would your Section be interested in hosting a R1 Student Conference in the future?



Has your Section taken advantage of supplemental PACE funds provided by R1?



R1-funded PACE Activities


Presentation at the Western New York FBI INFOTECH Conference.

Presentation at the Buffalo Tech Training Center

Is your Section in the process of establishing any new IEEE Historic Milestones?



Membership Development

Please check if you know of anyone in your Section has been nominated for awards in the following:


  • Section Awards
  • Region 1 Awards
  • IEEE USA Awards
  • IEEE Awards

How many members have been elevated to Senior Members in your Section this year?



Have you had an informational session on Senior Member Elevation in your Section this year?



How many Senior members have put in an application to be elevated as an IEEE Fellow in your Section this year?



Section Activities


Annual Award and New Officer Commissioning Dinner

SPSS Distinguished Speaker at University at Buffalo

Niagara Transformer Seminar (4 PDH Credits)

Software Defined Radio – Speaker and Dinner

Provide one training topic you would like to learn about?


Meeeting On-Line Reservations

Provide a second training topic you would like to learn about?


ExComm Meeting Documentation

Provide a third training topic you would like to learn about?


Website generation and maintainance

Additional documents for your Section


Submitted by: James Bates 03/30/2019