WA – Rochester on 03/31/2019

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Sreeram (Ram) Dhurjaty PhD,



Preliminary WA: Rochester Section Report

R1 Board of Governors Meeting for 2019.

Section Vitality and Management

1.       Is this your first R1 BoG meeting? No

2.       Excom meetings this year: 4

3.       Election year: Yes

a.       Nominating Committee established: Yes

4.       Audit Conducted: Yes

a.       Audit results given to R1: Yes

5.       Did your Section send students to the R1 Student Conference: No

a.       Interested in hosting a R1 Student Conference in the future: Yes if there is enough interest

6.       Has your Section taken advantage of supplemental PACE funds provided by R1?  No

a.       R1-funded PACE Activities: 

7.       Is your Section in the process of establishing any new IEEE Historic Milestones?  No

a.       Historic Milestone: SCR/Thyristor milestone in Clyde, NY, June 14th 2019

Membership Development

Award Nominations

·         Section Awards

·         Region 1 Awards

·         Technological Innovation in Academic Award to Jeibo Luo

·         Outstanding Teaching in an IEEE Area of Interest (University or College) Award to Cristian Linte

Membership Elevations

Elevated to Senior Members: 1-5
Elevated to IEEE Fellows: 

·         Have you had an informational session on Senior Member Elevation in your Section this year?  Yes

Section Activities

Signal Processing Workshop

STRATUS Workshop

Summer Balloon Festival in Danville 

Volunteer appreciation dinner in December

Training Topics requested

1.       Vtools

2.       Section leadership

3.       Section Audits

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