Conference and Sections Congress Coordinator

Conference Coordinator



  • Facilitate the planning, development, implementation, coordination and provide oversight for Region 1 conferences, conventions, and technical shows that are sponsored or cosponsored by Region 1.
  • Monitor the IEEE conference schedules to seek out and assemble opportunities for Region 1 entities (Sections, Areas, Councils, etc.) to participate in these conferences.
  • Assist the candidacy of Region 1 entities in attracting and participating in these conferences.
  • Periodically review the effectiveness of all regular conferences sponsored by Region 1 organizational units, including:
  1. Recommend improvements as appropriate to the conference leadership and sponsoring units.
  2. Suggest new conferences where a need is recognized and suggest termination of conferences no longer needed or posing undue financial liability.

How appointed and term of office

The Conference Coordinator is appointed for a two year term by the incoming Director. The Coordinator shall take office on January 1st. Reappointment of the incumbent is permissible.