Historian and Milestone Coordinator

Historian & Milestone Coordinator



  • Store and maintain Regional IEEE history archives.
  • Prepare Regional IEEE history report for Regional Board of Governors Meeting.
  • Personalize the report to reflect the history of the Section hosting the meeting.
  • Prepare and maintain a “Living History” for IEEE, Region 1.
  • Correspond with Sections regarding local IEEE history, including the following:

a) Request Sections appoint a history chair.

b) Encourage the Sections to collect local IEEE history and provide copies for Regional history archives.

c) Encourage Sections to nominate significant local electrical/electronic milestones to the IEEE History Center, and provide copies to Region 1 Historian.

How appointed and term of office

The Region Historian is appointed for a two year term by the incoming Director. The Historian shall take office on January 1st. Reappointment of the incumbent is permissible.