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P. Vitality Coordinator Report

Pete and Greg ….  Sorry for the delay in sending this report.


The following is a summary of my activities since last year’s R1 BoG Summer Meeting:


  • Provided detailed guidelines and help to the Mid-Hudson Section earlier this year in response to their questions and request for help on the Nominations Process, Election issues and Section Chair appointments.
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentations on “Succession Planning” and “Nomination and Elections Guidelines” for the February 2018 R1 Section Officer Training Session.
  • Provided Section Audit Guidelines to Ken Harstine, Springfield Section Chair based on his questions to R1 Treasurer, Bala Prasanna.
  • Working on updated Section Vitality Report from my 2017 Report.
  • Sent e-mail to Section Chairs reminding them of the nominations process regarding the “Call for Nominations” e-mail announcement.  Also included Section / Chapter Audit Guidelines providing details on the audit process.


Thank you,


Bob Pellegrino

R1 Section Vitality Coordinator