Big Data – Another Generation

September 12, 2016 @ 6:30 pm – September 12, 2016 @ 8:30 pm America/New York Timezone
City: Manalapan

Co-sponsored by: AES/IM/C

We have been through at least two fairly distinct generations of big data.  The first was characterized by the players, generally large financial, telecom companies or emerging web companies, with significant engineering staffs which often built their own basic tools.  The second leveraged open source tools to significantly expand those who could take advantage of the deluge of new data.


A further, evolving challenge for big data applications, particularly those built on machine learning tools; leveraging automated sources of data, e.g. Internet of Things; and generating near real time automated actions, is the complexity of the systems environment in which they will be deployed.  There has been huge progress in the core big data areas such as the networking, data base/stream management, data analysis, and visualization over the past decade.  However, most production big data capabilities will be deployed as pieces of much larger ecosystems that include a complex data lifecycle, critical dependence on interfaces with other systems, often in near real time, and the engineering of upstream and downstream systems.  This involves not only the design and architecture of the overall systems, connections and API’s, but the assurance of security, operations, administration, and maintenance of the entire system.  This talk takes a look at the issues and applications that will drive more routine production deployment of big data over the next several years.

Speaker(s): Dr. Dave Belanger,


6:30 PM – Pizza and Soda

6:30-Close: Talk by Dr. Dave Belanger

Bldg: Monmouth County Library
125 Symmes Rd
Manalapan, New Jersey