Great Mysteries of Dark Matter In Astronomy and on Earth

September 29, 2016 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm America/New York Timezone
City: Manalapan

Co-sponsored by: AP03/VT06/EMC27

Dark matter is one of the greatest mysteries in modern science. Thousands of scientists all over the world have been doing intensive research on dark matter for many years, but we still do not know what dark matter is. Our science so far knows only about 15% of our physical universe made of our familiar and observable ordinary matter, but still knows very little about the other 85% of our physical universe made of invisible dark matter which so far can be detected only through its gravitational effects.

This presentation will describe the ongoing research and experiments in astronomy and on earth to get better understanding of dark matter, and hence, the other 85% of our universe.


Speaker(s): Dr. Sing H. Lin,


Lunch meeting.  Eat while you learn about “Dark Matter”.

Lunch is FREE to IEEE Life Members and a guest/spouse as usual.

FREE to all other IEEE Members and a guest/spouse….courtisy of co-sponsors EMC/VT/AP Chapter.

Bldg: Moumouth County Public Library
125 Symmes Drive
Manalapan, New Jersey