Oracle Spatial Networks

August 25, 2016 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm America/New York Timezone

Oracle Spatial Network Data Model (Oracle Spatial NDM or NDM) offers the facility to store spatial networks in Oracle database. In addition to providing a persistent storage of network data in a relational data model, Oracle Spatial NDM renders efficient support for network analysis such as shortest path, nearest neighbor and network buffer computations. Oracle Spatial NDM offers users the flexibility to incorporate an optimization parameter of choice (e.g. network distance or travel time) and the facility to impose user defined constraints on network computations (e.g. routes being required to avoid certain geographical areas). Feature modeling in NDM provides the means to map application features to abstract network entities such as nodes and edges, thus making the model user-friendly. NDM also has the facility to model and analyze networks that display time-dependency such as road networks where travel times along road segments are very often dependent on the time of day due to varying levels of congestion. For example, NDM incorporates travel times based on traffic pattern data in shortest route computations, thus making the results sensitive to the changes in the travel times.

The talk intends to briefly describe spatial networks and their applications, and introduce the representation and analysis of spatial networks in Oracle database.  

Speaker(s): DR. BETSY GEORGE,


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Bldg: UNH Manchester Pandora Bldg
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