PACE Funding

Professional Activities

Funding Overview

PACE, (Professional Activities Committee for Engineers), a part of IEEE-USA, may provide matching funds up to $750 for Section PACE Projects. Generally, funds will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.

PACE Projects

The PACE Network is directed toward achieving objectives that include:

  • Encouraging member services, mainly in the form of increased economic benefits, professional stature, and employment security for engineers
  • Enhancing public awareness of the socio-technical issues affecting American society and promoting public recognition of engineers as professionals
  • Engaging in government action at the local, state, and national level by making the background and problem-solving experience of engineers available to the legislative process and by influencing legislation that affects the professional careers of engineers

As a means of achieving these objectives, the IEEE-USA Committee outlined five areas within the responsibility of the Region PACE Coordinator:

  • Government Activities
  • Career and Employment Enhancement Activities
  • Pre-university (K-12 STEM) Activities
  • Student Professional Awareness Activities
  • Technical Policy Activities

To obtain funds

Complete the “Project Plan & Financing Request Form.”  This is a multi-sheet Excel spreadsheet.

Submit your request by email to the Region 1 PACE Coordinator, Harold Belson, at Your email must either be from the Section Chair or be so endorsed.

Proceed with your project upon approval.

Submit your completion report in the current year.

Some Pace Project Examples

There is a fairly wide latitude for developing your project, keeping in mind the five areas of interest described above.

See PACE activity by IEEE-USA for their current activities.

The following are a few examples of relevant PACE funded projects.