PACE Funding

Professional Activities

Funding Overview

PACE, which is part of IEEE-USA, has made about $15,400 available for the 22 sections in Region 1 in 2017 for PACE Projects.  Your R1 Section can receive up to $1,500 this year to help defray the costs of providing activities that address the professional interests of your members. Your members are in all likelihood trying to carve out a better life for themselves. These activities that you create and offer to your members go a long way in helping them achieve that goal.


PACE Projects

The PACE Network is directed toward achieving objectives that include:

  • Encouraging the provision of member services, mainly in the form of increased economic benefits, professional stature, and employment security for engineers
  • Enhancing public awareness of the socio-technical issues affecting American society and promoting public recognition of engineers as professionals
  • Engaging in government action at the local, state, and national level by making the background and problem solving experience of engineers available to the legislative process and by influencing legislation that affects the professional careers of engineers

As a means of achieving these objectives, the PACE Handbook outlines five areas within the responsibility of the Region PACE Coordinator:

  • Government Activities
  • Career and Employment Enhancement Activities
  • Pre-university (K-12 STEM) Activities
  • Student Professional Awareness Activities
  • Technical Policy Activities

Funding levels

  • Maximum allocation per activity is $750 of the total cost of the activity to the Section after deducting any other income (i.e. admission fee, funds received from other IEEE entities, donations, etc.)
  • Maximum allocation per Section is $1,500 in 2017 (you can submit as many activity programs as you like to get up to this point.

Procedure for obtaining funds and running an activity

OK, how can you get this money to help your Section accomplish this goal?  Here are the basics of how your Section can become eligible to receive this money:

  1. Create a Professional Activity Project beneficial to your Section’s members in 2017.
  2.  Start the process of obtaining funding.
    • Fill out and e-mail to to the R1 PACE Coordinator  (located above) a “Project Plan & Financing Request Form (Click here)” which explains the details of your proposed activity. Please sign electronically and return the form as an Excel document.
    • The R1 PACE Coordinator will review the plan to determine if it meets all of the requirements of a professional activity.
    • If your activity does not meet all of the criteria of a professional activity the R1 PACE Coordinator will notify you and will discuss possible ways of bringing it into compliance if feasible.
    • If your activity meets all of the goals of IEEE-USA the application will be sent to the Region 1 Director with the recommendation that they authorize it.
    • You will be notified upon final authorization.
  3. Execute your project before December 31st, 2017
  4. Report the outcome of your project and (Click here).

Pace Project Ideas

Please remember, this list is not exhaustive – please be creative in the development of your activity! The more IEEE Section members that you genuinely feel will benefit from this activity, the closer we get to accomplish our goal as an organization.  All of these areas are appropriate subjects for PACE meetings. The IEEE-USA PACE Network website lists a number of past examples of relevant PACE funded programs that have been held. Here are a few of them:

Past PACE Project Examples can be found here!

Finally, deposit the check from Region 1 knowing that your Section has added value to the members and volunteer members of your Section that were involved in this activity!


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