Region 1 Officer Training Meeting – February, 2018

February 10th, 2018

WebEx Dial-in Teleconference

Region 1 held its annual Officer Training meeting on February 10th, 2018.  The meeting was held as a teleconference.  All officers of Region 1 were invited to attend including Section and Chapter leaders.   If you missed this meeting, the powerpoint presentations and WebEx videos of the sessions have been provided.  If you need to contact an individual from one of the sessions, please click on their picture below and their contact information will be provided.

Conference Coordinator
New York Section Chair A&A (Section Vitality Coordinator)
R1 Past Director, Budget, and Nomination Committee Chair
Director Geographic Activities


Individual presentation files can be found under “Topic” in the agenda.


Start Time Duration End Time Speaker Topic
9:00AM 20 min 9:20AM Babak D. Beheshti  Introductory remarks


9:20AM 20 min 9:40AM Cheryl Sinauskas MGA Resources
Pre-recorded video

Session video!

9:40AM 5 min 9:45AM  Break
9:45AM 90 min 11:15 AM Ed Palacio
Charles Rubenstein
Bob Pellegrino
Session powerpoint

Chair training video!

Succession Planning video!

11:15 AM 5 min 11:20 AM  Break
11:20 AM 60 min 12:20 PM Bala Prasanna Treasurer Training powerpoint


12:20 PM 10 min 12:30 PM  Break
12:30 PM 45 min 1:15 PM Peter Eckstein Secretary Training powerpoint


1:15 PM 15 min 1:30 PM Ed Palacio  Video!

Click here for the entire training presentation!

Presentation Template!

We have provided an optional powerpoint template for those presenting at the meeting.     R1 presentation template for the training session