R1 PACE Committee

Professional Activities Chair

R1 PACE Mission:

Enhance the professional development of IEEE Members in Region 1. This is accomplished by developing and fostering, within the framework of the Sections, an awareness of the programs available from IEEE-USA and R1, ensuring the viability of the programs through disbursement of program funds and mentoring of Section Leadership, and communicating back to IEEE-R1 leadership which programs are effective and which do not seem to meet our Member’s needs.

R1 PACE Chair:

The R1 PACE Chair serves as a voting Member of the Region I Board of Governors and Executive Committee. In this role, support all activities of the Region and represent the Region Membership in voting matters.  Allocate R1 funds available for PACE Programs. Ensure that all Sections have an opportunity to participate and that the criteria for participation are understood.

The R1 PACE Chair oversees the following direct reports in accordance with the R1 Operations Manual (6.16.1).

  1. Regional Employment & Career Activities Coordinator
  2. Government Activities Coordinator
  3. Educational Activities Coordinator
  4. IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Chair (R1 Representative)

Maintain communication and support with the various Chairs, ensure adequate funding is available for their programs, and make recommendations to the Regional Director for filling vacancies and succession planning.

R1 PACE Committee:

The R1 PACE Chair will form the committee from constituents of the R1 community including: all direct reports (Employment & Career Activities Coordinator, Government Activities Coordinator, Educational Activities Coordinator, and the IEEE-USA Awards and Recognition Chair (R1 Representative).  The R1 PACE Chair will work with the R1 Director to establish an active committee.


The Professional Activities Committee shall:

  • Encourage and support the sections in ensuring the professional growth of the members at all levels in Region 1.
  • Work with others in the Region 1 ExCom to encourage, develop, and nurture programs that stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering, and math of pre-college students and encourage their later participation in the IEEE.
  • Coordinate the work to optimize the effectiveness of the professional activity interface with Region 1 federal, state and local government entities.
  • Encourage student branches to hold events to promote professional awareness.