Build An 8-Bit CPU From Scratch Part I

Room: 256, Bldg: Social Science, 1400 Washington Avenue, University at Albany, Albany, New York, United States, 12222, Virtual:

The CPU or "brain" of a computer: Ever wondered how they function? or even wondered how complicated and intricate they are?Join us for a four-part series to learn more about... Read more


Kopernik Observatory, Vestal, New York, United States, Virtual:

As Earth Day approaches and the price of gasoline continues to hover near record highs, interest in electrified transportation has soared—but has that translated to more electric vehicles (EVs) on... Read more

SIGHT Group Justice for All Mock Trial Competition

Holmdel, New Jersey, United States, Virtual:

Dear Jurisprudes, Parents and Friends of Nyack Mock Trial:The Nyack High School Mock Trial Team has once again made it to the Rockland County championship round. It will be this... Read more

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