Rochester Section Officer Responsibilities

Brief Job Descriptions, Partial Roles and Responsibilities

Section Chair

The Section Chair manages the operations of the Section to ensure that the best interests the local members are being met. The Section Chair provides leadership and guidance to other Section volunteers and ensures that the Section activities are focused on increasing member engagement and satisfaction.

The Section Chair represents the needs of Section members by providing feedback to the Region 1 Board of Governors and/or IEEE Organizational Units.

Section Chair responsibilities include:

  • Serve as the Chair of the IEEE Section Executive Committee (ExCom)
  • Preside at monthly meetings of the IEEE Rochester Section Executive Committee
    • Prepare materials for presentation to Excom
  • Nominate members to fill Section Standing and Ad Hoc Committee Chair positions including:
    • The Nominations Committee for identification of officer candidates for the following term.
    • PACE Chair
    • Membership Development Commitee
    • Student Activities
    • Newsletter Editor
    • Section Awards
    • Electronic Communications
  • Manages and organizes special activities of the Section including:
    • Summer Outing
    • Awards Banquet
  • Provides support for member’s applications for elevation as a Senior Member of IEEE
  • Represents the Section at IEEE gatherings
  • Serves as a member of the Region 1 Board of Governors
    • Represents the Section at Region 1 Committee Meetings and votes on issues on the basis of the best interest of IEEE.

The Section Chair leads the Section Executive Committee to review/revise Section activities to ensure that they are in agreement with the MGA Mission, Vision, and Goals.

Section Vice Chair

The Section Vice Chair is responsible for working with the Section Secretary in selecting the topics that will be discussed at Section meetings.  Additionally, this individual will work closely with the Chairs of the Technical Chapters and/or Affinity Groups to ensure that the programs offered by these subunits are focused on increasing member engagement and/or meeting the needs of the local member.

Section Vice Chair responsibilities include:

  • Manages and organizes special activities of the Section including:
    • Rochester Joint Chapters meeting
  • If the Section Chair is unable to perform their duties, the Vice Chair’s responsibility will include:
    • Preside at meetings of the Section and the Section Executive Committee
    • Represent the Section at IEEE gatherings (i.e., attend annual Regional Committee Meeting)

The Vice Chair may also be asked to provide support for section activities as needed.

Section Secretary

The Secretary is a steward of the Section’s history and future, bringing critical data to enable ExCom decision making and deliver real value to members who keep the Section engaged, relevant, and sustainable in the long term.

The secretary is the keeper of section documentation. Documentation could include a list of past meeting reports, past Section Officers, agreements/contracts with local organizations, past strategies and plans of the Section, and other important non-financial information (since the Section Treasurer handles the financial and accounting paperwork).

The Rochester Section Secretary responsibilities include:

  • Scheduling monthly ExCom meeting
  • Notifying ExCom members of meetings and upcoming events
  • Recording minutes of monthly ExCom meetings, document attendance
  • Distributing minutes to the ExCom

Section Treasurer

The Section Treasurer prepares, maintains and reports on all financial matters. The Treasurer is an important member of the Section leadership team. Responsibilities include:

  • Working with the Section Leadership in developing a budget and monitoring adherence to it
  • Keeping Treasurer records and financial data up-to-date
  • Complying with all applicable local laws and IEEE Guidelines
  • Advising Subunits (Technical Chapters/Affinity Groups) within the Section on the proper procedures for requesting and distrubuting Section funds
  • Tracking the accuracy of the amounts of all income and expenses
  • Submitting the annual financial report (L50)
  • Reporting financial status at the monthly Section ExCom meeting

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