On January 18th, 2021, @ 17:30, Kiran Vaddi will present this virtually. Sign up at https://events.vtools.ieee.org/m/250165 .

“Temporal signals emerge in material science from both experiments and computer simulations to understand a physical phenomenon. For example, it is often desirable to collect responses of materials for a particular loading that changes over time to elicit steady-state or equilibrium behavior. A characteristic signal is collected for each material of interest and analyzed to extract scientific knowledge about the material. In this talk, we will be discussing a particular characterization technique called cyclic voltammetry (CV) that characterizes a material in an electrochemical environment such as a battery cell. CV experiment involves sweeping over a time-varying voltage load applied to the electro-chemical cell and collecting current output as a temporal response. CV is a critical tool in characterizing and understanding behavior of potential battery materials for clean and efficient energy storage. “

Kiran is a PhD candidate at the department of Materials Design and Innovation at the University at Buffalo. He obtained his bachelors and master from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in mechanical engineering.