Boston Section


Section Chair

WIE and Boston Section Chair


Boston Section
R10005 (Boston Section)Type: SectionURL: GriffinPosition: ChairEmail:
Rui MaPosition: Vice ChairEmail:
MAIRA MARQUES SAMARYPosition: SecretaryEmail:
MAIRA MARQUES SAMARYPosition: TreasurerEmail:
Yingxuan ZhuPosition: vTools Events Coordinator
Gim Soon WanPosition: Student ActivitiesEmail:
Karen PanettaPosition: Newsletter EditorEmail:
Karen PanettaPosition: Educational ActivitiesEmail:
Ramon De la CruzPosition: Membership DevelopmentEmail:

Other Units

Boston Community
R100 (Region 1 - No Council)Type: CouncilURL:
R1 (Northeastern USA - Region 1)Type: RegionURL:
CH01041 (Boston Section Chapter,PHO36)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01036 (Boston Section Chapter,EMC27)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01028 (Boston Section Chapter,MTT17)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01017 (Boston Section Chapter,AP03)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01181 (Boston Section Chapter,GRS29)Type: ChapterURL:
YP10105 (Boston Section Affinity Group,YP)Type: AffinityURL:
CH01213 (Boston Section Chapter,SIT30)Type: ChapterURL:
CN10105 (Boston Section Affinity Group,CN)Type: AffinityURL:
CH01134 (Boston Section Chapter,CS23)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01039 (Boston Section Chapter,MAG33)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01019 (Boston Section Chapter,NPS05)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01021 (Boston/Providence/New Hampshire Jt Sections,RL07)Type: Joint Chapter
CH01202 (Boston Section Chapter,CIS11)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01212 (Boston Section Chapter,PSE43)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01023 (Boston Section Chapter,AES10)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01186 (Boston Section Chapter,SSC37)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01027 (Boston Section Chapter,C16)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01224 (Boston Section Chapter,PEL35)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01171 (Boston Section Chapter,RA24)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01026 (Boston Section Chapter,ED15)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01042 (Boston Section Chapter,PE31)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01016 (Boston Section Chapter,SP01)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01034 (Boston Section Chapter,E25)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01030 (Boston Section Chapter,COM19)Type: ChapterURL:
LM10105 (Boston Section Affinity Group,LM)Type: AffinityURL:
WE10105 (Boston Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: AffinityURL:
CH01244 (Boston Section Chapter,CT08)Type: Chapter
STB10471 (Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology)Type: Student Branch
STB02262 (Wentworth Inst of Tech)Type: Student Branch
STB01351 (Northeastern University)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB12051 (Suffolk Univ)Type: Student Branch
SBC0103C (Massachusetts Inst of Technology,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
R1000501 (Northshore Subsection)Type: Sub-section
STB02761 (Merrimack College)Type: Student Branch
STB04071 (Boston Univ)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB01031 (Massachusetts Inst of Technology)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB00671 (Harvard Univ)Type: Student Branch
SBC0135A (Northeastern Univ,AP03/ED15/MAG33/MTT17)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC00941 (Univ Of Massachusetts-Lowell,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB02031 (Tufts University)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB00941 (Univ Of Massachusetts-Lowell)Type: Student BranchURL:
SBC0103A (Massachusetts Inst of Tech,SP01)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC04071 (Boston Univ,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC53816 (Boston Univ,EMB18)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC01351 (Northeastern Univ,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC0103B (Massachusetts Inst of Tech,PHO36)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB64871 (Franklin W Olin College of Engineering)Type: Student Branch
SBA64871 (Franklin W Olin College of Engineering,WIE)Type: Affinity
HKN032 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Beta Theta)Type: Affinity
HKN050 (Northeastern University, Gamma Beta)Type: Affinity
HKN100 (Tufts University, Epsilon Delta)Type: Affinity
HKN102 (University of Massachusetts-Lowell, Epsilon Zeta)Type: Affinity
HKN210 (Boston University, Kappa Sigma)Type: Affinity
HKN901 (Merrimack College, Eta-Merrimack)Type: Affinity
SBC02031A (Tufts University, PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB15129 (Curry College)Type: Student Branch
CH01269 (Boston Section Chapter,TEM14)Type: Chapter
CH01270 (Boston Section Chapter,IA34)Type: Chapter
CH01276 (Boston Section Chapter,SEN39)Type: Chapter
CH01282 (Boston Section Chapter,CAS04)Type: Chapter
CH01286 (Boston Section Chapter,EMB18)Type: Chapter
HKN251 (Wentworth Institute of Technology, Mu Mu)Type: Affinity
SBC10471 (Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology,PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC12051A (Suffolk University, PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC0103D (Massachusetts Inst Of Technology,PEL35)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC02761A (Merrimack College, PE31)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBA0407A (Boston Univ, EMB18)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC04071A (Boston Univ,EMB18)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC00941A (Univ Of Massachusetts-Lowell,PE31)Type: Student Branch ChapterURL: