Connecticut Section


Section Chair

Connecticut Section Chair


Connecticut Section
R10309 (Connecticut Section)Type: SectionURL: https://www.ieeect.orgOfficers:Oscar TonelloPosition: Chair
Robert ThoelenPosition: Secretary
Gary FelberbaumPosition: Treasurer
Charlotte BlairPosition: SAMIEEE RECIPIENT
William WessmanPosition: SAMIEEE RECIPIENT
Raymond ZeitlerPosition: SAMIEEE RECIPIENT
David BroderickPosition: Student Activities
Oscar TonelloPosition: Membership Development
Oscar TonelloPosition: Liaison (Industry Liaison)
Adrian RusuPosition: Committee Chair (Entrepreneurs' Network)
Santo MazzolaPosition: SAMIEEE RECIPIENT ( SAMIEEE RECIPIENT as R1 Southern Area Chair)
Gary FelberbaumPosition: Professional Activities
Bruce LernerPosition: Educational Activities
Robert ThoelenPosition: Member-At-Large

Other Units

Connecticut Community
R103 (Metro Sec. Act. Council)Type: CouncilURL:
R1 (Northeastern USA - Region 1)Type: RegionURL:
CH01205 (Connecticut Section Jt. Chapter,CS23/RA24/IA34)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
CN10009 (Connecticut Section Affinity Group,CN)Type: Affinity
CH01208 (Connecticut Section Jt. Chapter,AP03/MTT17/UFFC20)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
CH01015 (Connecticut Section Chapter,PE31)Type: ChapterURL:
CH01013 (Connecticut Section Jt Chapter,C16/SMC28/SIT30)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
CH01010 (Connecticut Section Jt Chapter,SP01/COM19)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
STB10071 (Central Connecticut State University)Type: Student Branch
STB00161 (Bridgeport Univ Of)Type: Student Branch
STB03731 (University of Hartford)Type: Student BranchURL:
SBC00161 (Bridgeport Univ Of,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
STB02351 (Yale Univ)Type: Student Branch
STB06131 (U S Coast Guard Academy)Type: Student Branch
STB03821 (University of New Haven)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB05721 (Trinity College)Type: Student Branch
STB00451 (University of Connecticut)Type: Student BranchURL:
STB16331 (Fairfield University)Type: Student Branch
HKN137 (University of New Haven,Zeta Rho)Type: Affinity
HKN173 (University of Hartford,Iota Epsilon)Type: Affinity
HKN048 (University of Connecticut, Beta Omega)Type: Affinity
WE103091 (Connecticut Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: Affinity
YP10309 (Connecticut Section Affinity Group,YP)Type: Affinity
STB11485 (Sacred Heart University)Type: Student Branch
SBC10071A (Central Connecticut State University, RA24)Type: Student Branch Chapter
SBC05721 (Trinity College,RA24)Type: Student Branch Chapter