Mid-Hudson Section


Section Chair

Mid-Hudson Section Chair


Mid-Hudson Section
R10019 (Mid-Hudson Section)Type: SectionURL: https://webinabox.vtools.ieee.org/wibp_home/index/R10019Officers:Rasit TopalogluPosition: ChairEmail: topalogluro@gmail.com
Stephen GuendertPosition: Vice Chair
Akil SuttonPosition: Treasurer
Chai Wah WuPosition: Webmaster
Rasit TopalogluPosition: Professional Activities
Eric PerfectoPosition: Membership Development
Marc CoqPosition: Student Activities
Casimer De CusatisPosition: Student Activities
Baback IzadiPosition: Student Activities
Ronald GeigerPosition: Student Activities
Jason WatermanPosition: Student Activities
Gerald PopkoPosition: Student Activities
Baback IzadiPosition: Member-At-Large
Lawrence BolandPosition: Member-At-Large
Brett ArtetaPosition: Member-At-Large

Other Units

Mid-Hudson Community
R100 (Region 1 - No Council)Type: CouncilURL: https://r1.ieee.org/
R1 (Northeastern USA - Region 1)Type: RegionURL: https://r1.ieee.org/
CH01055 (Mid-Hudson Section Chapter, ED15)Type: Chapter
CH01056 (Mid-Hudson Section Chapter, C16)Type: Chapter
CH01057 (Mid-Hudson Section Chapter, PE31)Type: Chapter
STB04451 (U S Military Academy West Point)Type: Student Branch
SBC04451 (U S Military Academy,C16)Type: Student Branch Chapter
HKN207 (State Univ of New York-New Paltz, Kappa Omicron)Type: Affinity
HKN189 (U S Military Academy, Iota Phi)Type: Affinity
STB21001 (State Univ Of New York At New Paltz)Type: Student Branch
STB18621 (Marist College)Type: Student Branch
STB18681 (Vassar College)Type: Student Branch
STB15127 (Pace University)Type: Student Branch
LM10019 (Mid-Hudson Section Affinity Group,LM)Type: Affinity
CH01281 (Mid-Hudson Section Chapter,EP21)Type: Chapter