TETRA Technology for Mission Critical Solutions

Room: Edison Room, Bldg: Con Edison Building

The objective of this presentation is to provide a general knowledge of the TETRA Technology and its high value when it is applied to Public Safety and Mission Critical Solutions.... Read more

Automatic Transfer Swiches & Paralleling Switchgear

Room: Edison Room, Bldg: Con Edison Building

Emergency power systems are found all around us, in our: hospitals; airports; arenas; hotels; mission critical facilities, i.e. data centers, manufacturing plants. Emergency power systems are essential to electrical distribution design, ensuring power is always available to the critical loads.  These critical circuits may feed: fire pumps, egress lighting, elevators, ventilation systems, fire detection, security,... Read more

Fire Alarm System Design, Operation & Recent Code Changes

Room: Edison Room, Bldg: Con Edison Building

THE PRESENTATION:At the end of the program, participants will:   Understand how the operation and features of a fire alarm system work to protect th occupants of a building. Learn how to avoid the common mistakes made in the design and installation of such systems. Understand the scope of coordination required with other disciplines for... Read more

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