F. Membership Devel. Report

Dear Region 1 Leaders,


Attached is the Region 1 Membership Development Report – As July 2018. In summary, Region 1 Membership continues to decline. Although Region 1 student members increased in July, it did not recover the loss of the Higher Grade members. Please note that our student member is the pipeline to the Higher Grade member. The challenge is that to get all the student members to renew their memberships after they graduate.


I also attached the IEEE MD Report that you can see how Region 1 performed vs the other Regions in IEEE.


In addition, I attached the following information for those who will be at this Saturday R1 BoG meeting. These information may be useful for the breakout sessions where we will discuss and develop the action plans for the 3 topics that Director Beheshti has identified.


  1. Member Retention Best Practices
  2. New Member Recruitment Best Practices
  3. 2016 Member Segmentation Report: Industry Professionals vs Academics
  4. Non-members from industry


Please talk to your Section MD Chair, Student Activities Chair, WIE Chair and YP Chair on the above issues before your trip to the BoG meeting. And, you can bring the questions, suggestions, and comments to the meeting.


I am sincerely apologize for this late report. Please do your best to contact your committee chairs, and share these information. Please let me know or see me at the BoG meeting if you have any question. Also, Adrenne Hahn is a great resource – she knows everything about MD.


I am looking forward to meet you all, and we can talk about MD over ice cream : )


Best Regards,

SOON : )


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Gim Soon Wan

IEEE Boston Section, StM’96 M’00 SM’10

2018-19 Region 1 Membership Development Chair

2018 Boston Section Student Activities Chair


Phone: (978) 749-3358

E-Mail: gimsoon@ieee.org“>gimsoon@ieee.org