C4. R1 Student Meeting — Call for proposals

Hello fellow Region 1 Board Members-
We will be reviewing options for the 2020 IEEE Region 1 Student Conference over the next few months and hope to have a decision by June if at all possible as it takes time to schedule site visits of final cut
venues and to work through preliminary budgets, etc.
Please find, attached, the formal Call for StuCon Proposals, due back to me by 15 May!   20_StuCon_RFP
I would appreciate it if you would discuss with your Section Student
Activities Committee Chairs (SSAC) and Student Branches the possibility that /your/ section might consider hosting our next StuCon.
It is also important that you confirm WHO your SSAC is and which Student Branches (SB) are active in your section. Alas, of the roughly 90 Region 1 Branches, ONLY 9! requested and will receive rebates for their Branch which you should be seeing appear on your Section CBRS accounts:
    Binghamton: SUNY Binghamton
  Buffalo: SUNY Buffalo
  Connecticut: Univ of Bridgeport and U. of Conn
  Mid-Hudson: Marist College
  Mohawk Valley: Clarkson U.
  New York: NYU Tandon School of Engineering
  North Jersey: Stevens Institute
  Syracuse: Syracuse U.
– Charles
Charles Rubenstein, PhD, CEng
Region 1 Student Activities Coordinator
Professor of Engineering & Information Science
Pratt Institute
Dept of Mathematics & Science