Mindcontrol, Bingfang (Cornelia) Chen

 Title: Mindcontrol


Bingfang (Cornelia) Chen

University affiliation: Cuny-New York City College of Technology
Department: Computer Engineering Technology


With the development of science and technology, many current research projects are focused on combining the fields of biology and computer technology to change people’s “misfortune” and improve and facilitate their lives. The focus of this research project is to design a controller to control an output device by using brain waves with the goal of creating an assistive technology device for people with physical disabilities.

In the current phase of the research project, background research is done to learn to use the Electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements of brain waves to control an electromechanical device such as a DC motor. A modified Mindflex game controller is connected to Arduino and brain activity data is passed on to Processing code running on a PC in order to track and record brain wave patterns. 

The electrical activity of the brain will be used to control the electrical toy. We try to automatically connect between master Bluetooth and slave Bluetooth without Arduino.

Future work in this research project will focus on using the mind controller as an assistive technology device to help a person with a physical disability carry out some mobility tasks. 

Submitted by: Bingfang (Cornelia) Chen
Major: Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering Technology
Degree being pursued: BS
Type of student: Senior