Virtual Career Panel


An all-star panel of UAlbany alumni tech leaders and entrepreneurs will share their unique insights on working in the fast-paced and rapidly changing tech industry. Learn from alumni experts not... Read more

Radar Technology Systems – An Introduction


Radar has a broad range of applications. As technologies evolve, so is the global market for radars (Targeting Radars, Weather Sensing Radars, Navigational Radars, Mapping Radars, Detection/Search radars, Air Traffic... Read more

2022 IEEEDay EMBS Chapters Marathon Relay Public Webinar – Boston EMBS Chapter


Speaker BiodataNameAseem SinghIEEE Number94004348AffiliationOlympus Surgical Technologies of the AmericasSectionBostonRegionR1EMBS member ?YesTitle of presentationWebinar - Cybersecurity requirements for Medical Device Design and DevelopmentVirtual:

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