IEEE Region 1 2017 Sections Congress Recommendations

Recommendations process

Each Region was requested to submit up to three (3) recommendations that think “long term.” For example, how will geographic units (volunteers and members) be doing business differently as a result of technology? How can IEEE think locally and act globally in this environment?

Leading up to SC2017, each Section was requested to provide a list of recommendations to Region 1.  The list was reviewed for common themes across Sections.  The recommendations were reviewed at the Region 1 Board of Governors meeting on June 10, 2017.  The following Region 1 recommendations will be submitted to IEEE for Sections Congress in Sydney Australia for later consideration this summer.

Region 1 Recommendations

  • Invest in development/improvement of vTools beyond its current functionality to better help us set up event registration.
  • Provide an ‘instant community’ and/or ‘forum’ facility either using Collabratec (5 minutes or less to create a community and/or forum) or with some alternative system, so members are not forced to go outside of IEEE to pursue immediate online community and/or forum creation.
  • Assist sections to develop a visibility campaign that reaches out to non-engineers to let them know what IEEE has done to make the world a better place. The result being that IEEE would be known in key countries for its wide breadth of fields of interest.

1These recommendations will be combined with those from all Regions around the globe and will be provided at Sections Congress.  Primary Section Delegates will vote on the recommendations during the IEEE Sections Congress 2017, and the top prioritized recommendations will be presented to the MGA Board for action and reported to the IEEE Board of Directors.