On behalf of the Region 1 Board of Governors, we are pleased to inform you of the 2021 IEEE Region 1 Award recipients:

Senem Velipasalar (Syracuse) – Technological Innovation (Academic) Award

For significant contributions in applications of machine learning, and image and video processing from wearable to vehicle mounted cameras   

Miloš Popović (Boston) – Technological Innovation (Academic) Award

For breakthrough innovation in integrated photonics design, and the monolithic integration of silicon photonics and electronics in advanced CMOS platforms     

Zhanpeng Jin (Buffalo– Technological Innovation (Academic) Award

For pioneering contributions in human-computer interaction and ubiquitous computing 

Siwei Lyu (Buffalo) – Technological Innovation (Academic) Award

For contributions in technologies that counter DeepFakes

Xiaoyin Xu (Boston) – Technological Innovation (Academic) Award

For developing and applying pattern recognition and deep learning techniques to biomedical applications in high-throughput high-content screening, in vivo imaging, computer-aided detection in clinical imaging, and radiomics     

Batu Chalise (Long Island) – Technological Innovation (Academic) Award

For technical contributions in optimization and signal processing for joint radar sensing and communications  

Qiqing (Christine) Ouyang (New York) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For innovation and leadership in Edge Computing for manufacturing

Robert M. Senger (Mid-Hudson) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For outstanding technical contributions in high-performance microprocessors and supercomputers

Jameson Bergin (Connecticut) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For outstanding contributions in emerging technologies in modern automotive radars and advanced air-to-surface GMTI radar systems

Anjali Agarwal (New Jersey Coast) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For pioneering research in high capacity, ultra-long-haul optical transmission systems and novel applications for optical signal processing and quantum communications

John K. Schneider (Buffalo) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For developing ultrasound technology to capture and process fingerprints for the purpose of secure identification of individuals for transactions and guarding personal information

Mukta G. Farooq (Mid-Hudson) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For leadership in heterogeneous integration of electron devices to deliver advanced chiplet architecture solutions for artificial intelligence computing systems

Jithin Jagannath (Mohawk Valley) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For innovative contributions in machine learning techniques for the wireless domain

Roger Dorval (Princeton/Central Jersey) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For development of a new class of linearizers that provide dynamic compensation over power level and frequency for microwave and millimeter-wave power amplifiers with changing characteristics

Xu She (Connecticut) – Technological Innovation (Industry or Government) Award

For contributions in innovative power conversion technologies for sustainable energy utilization

Julie Brichacek (Mohawk Valley) – Managerial Excellence in an Engineering Organization Award

For outstanding managerial excellence and leadership in Joint All Domain Command and Control across the Air Force Research Laboratory

Ge Wang (Schenectady) – Outstanding Teaching in an IEEE Area of Interest (University or College) Award

For development of the first graduate and undergraduate deep learning-based medical imaging courses at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 

Anisha M. Apte (North Jersey) – Enhancement of the IEEE or Engineering Profession’s Image with the Public Award

For outstanding leadership in publicizing and organizing IEEE North Jersey Section activities 

Ted Dawson (Providence) – Outstanding Support for the Mission of the IEEE, MGA, Region 1 and/or Section Award

For many years of untiring dedication and service to the IEEE Providence Section

Adriaan J. van Wijngaarden (North Jersey) – Outstanding Support for the Mission of the IEEE, MGA, Region 1 and/or Section Award

For sustained, dedicated and wide-ranging service to the IEEE at the MGA, Section, Council, Society and Chapter levels

Filomena C. Citarella (New Jersey Coast) – Outstanding Support for the Mission of the IEEE, MGA, Region 1 and/or Section Award

For extraordinary efforts in helping with the revitalization of the IEEE New Jersey Coast Section and its chapters

Kirit G. Dixit (North Jersey) – The William Terry Distinguished Service Award

For a lifetime of sustained, dedicated and wide-ranging service to the IEEE at the Section, Council, and Chapter levels

**This announcement was submitted on behalf of Jason Hui, Region 1 Awards and Recognition Committee Chair**