Posters will be presented by students. Students are encouraged to participate in a poster contest in the information security, cyber security and privacy research areas.  All posters selected will be displayed at the conference.

The organizing committee is currently inviting students to prepare a poster presentation on recent research projects, and cutting-edge developing technologies in information security, cyber security and privacy areas. The poster session will be particularly helpful for student researchers to have direct interactions with faculty, industry researchers, and regional IEEE officers and volunteers. This will serve as an excellent platform and opportunity to network for future collaborative research and career advancement.

Poster presentations will be on display all day. Presenters will have opportunities to interact with all attendees. All submissions will be subject to review by the organizing committee. The first, second, and third place winners will receive prizes of $150/$100/$50 respectively (one prize per winning poster). All poster presentations selected for display will receive participation certificates.

If interested, please submit a title and an extended abstract (up to 250 words) to the poster session coordinator Prof. Raj Chandramouli at by October 17, 2014. If accepted, presenters will be notified one week later. For posters that are selected for presentation at the event, the following guidelines shall be used to prepare the poster. All posters will be mounted using push pins onto presentation boards and posters may be no larger than 32 inches wide and 48 inches long. The electronic version of the selected poster is due on October 17, 2014. For any additional questions, please contact Prof. Raj Chandramouli.