NJ Coast Section Officers
R10345 (New Jersey Coast Section)Type: SectionURL:
AP/VT/EMC Officers
CH01066 (NJ Coast/Princ/Central Jersey Sec Jt Ch,AP/VT/EMC)Type: Joint ChapterURL: RaghunandanPosition: Chapter ChairEmail:
Kwame AsamoahPosition: Chapter Vice ChairEmail:
Neerja SharmaPosition: Chapter Treasurer
Consultants' Network
CN10345 (New Jersey Coast Section Affinity Group,CN)Type: AffinityURL: K SrinivasPosition: Affinity Group SecretaryEmail:
Eamon WallPosition: Affinity Group TreasurerEmail:
AESS / TEMS Officers
CH01253 (New Jersey Coast Section Jt. Chapter,AES10/TEM14)Type: Joint ChapterOfficers:
Ajit ReddyPosition: Chapter Vice Chair
Instrumentation and Measurement / Computer Officers
CH01070 (New Jersey Coast Section Jt. Chapter,IM09/C16)Type: Joint ChapterURL: AugustPosition: Chapter ChairEmail:
T K SrinivasPosition: Chapter Vice ChairEmail:
John J DeltuviaPosition: Chapter TreasurerEmail:
PACE / SIGHT Officers
SIGHT119 (IEEE New Jersey Coast Section SIGHT)Type: AffinityOfficers:Katherine AugustPosition: SIGHT Chair
Eamon WallPosition: SIGHT Treasurer
Signal Processing - Circuits and Systems Officers
CH01140 (New Jersey Coast Section Jt. Chapter,SP01/CAS04)Type: Joint ChapterURL:
Communications Officers
CH01072 (New Jersey Coast Section Chapter,COM19)Type: ChapterURL: AtluriPosition: Chapter Chair
Irfan LateefPosition: Chapter Vice Chair
Frank LasloPosition: Chapter TreasurerEmail:
Electron Devices–Microwave Theory & Techniques–Photonics Officers
CH01069 (New Jersey Coast Section Jt Chp,ED15/MTT17/PHO36)Type: Joint ChapterURL: SarrafPosition: Chapter TreasurerEmail:
Power and Energy Officers
CH01252 (New Jersey Coast Section Chapter,PE31)Type: ChapterURL:
Education (Academic Professionals)
CH01250 (New Jersey Coast Section Chapter,E25)Type: Chapter
Women in Engineering Officers
WE10345 (New Jersey Coast Section Affinity Group,WIE)Type: AffinityURL: LyonsPosition: Affinity Group Treasurer
Young Professionals Officers
YP20041 (Southern New Jersey Section Affinity Group, YP)Type: Affinity
Life Members Officers
LM10345 (New Jersey Coast Section Affinty Group,LM)Type: AffinityURL: MalekPosition: Affinity Group Chair
Ralph WyndrumPosition: Affinity Group Vice ChairEmail:
Frank LasloPosition: Affinity Group TreasurerEmail: