The 2012 Awards Banquet was held at the Birchwood Manor, Whippany, NJ, on Sunday, May 6, 2012.

Naresh Chand welcomed all present. Three Fellow Awards were presented by Peter Eckstein, Region 1 Director. The three 2012 Fellows in the North Jersey Section are: Dr. Mazin Gilbert, AT&T Labs, who was recognized for his contributions to speech recognition, speech synthesis, and spoken language understanding; Charles Kalmanek, AT&T Labs, who was recognized for his leadership in advancing architecture, design and management of communications networks and services; and Dr. Junyi Li, Qualcomm, who was recognized for his contributions to modulation techniques for mobile broadband communications systems.

Peter Eckstein recognized two members of the North Jersey Section with an IEEE Region 1 Award for their service. Dr. Yu-Dong Yao was recognized for leadership in developing chapter activities in the North Jersey Section, and Dr. Donald Hsu was recognized for leadership in advancing the continuing education of engineers.

Peter Eckstein recognized the services of Richard Tax and Paul Ward with the Alex Gruenwald Pace Award. Dilip Pandya received the PES Chapter Outstanding Engineer Award for out-standing leadership and contributions in advancing electric power system retrofit, maintenance and energy efficiency programs. Ken Oexle received the 2011 IEEE Industry Applications Society Award for continued outstanding performance of a large chapter. The METSAC Award was presented to Dr. Durga Misra, for notable services and contributions toward the advancement of IEEE and the engineering profession with the Industry, Entrepreneur’s and Innovation Day events.

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