On Saturday, April 4, a virtual Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science and Engineering Fair took place. Approximately 56 students presented their projects, each in one of seven assigned virtual rooms. In each virtual room a supervisor and about five judges scored the 4 presentations assigned to that room. The morning sessions saw and heard project presentations from senior-level (high school) students, and the afternoon sessions had 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade student presentations. The judges individually scored the presentations using an online form and made special award recommendations after group discussions. The top presenter from each senior session room went on to the second round.

Judging for the second round took place Monday, April 6th, in evening. The finalists presented their projects to a select group of judges who determined the highest level awards for the virtual fair. Rochester IEEE Section members Mark Schrader and Ram Dhurjaty Ph.D. served as judges in the first round, and Ram served as a judge in the second round. Both Mark and Ram are founding (IEEE) Terra Rochester Finger Lakes Science and Engineering Fair members and serve on the Organizing Committee.




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Submitted by: Howard Bussey

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