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LinkedIn and Standing Out (IEEE-USA Free Live Stream Webinar)

The marketplace is crowded.  How will you standout?

You have to be seen for what you bring to table. You can do this by populating your LinkedIn profile to achieve your desired results. Yes, it involves some planning, work and structure.

Let’s talk about it in this webinar!


IEEE-USA’s free webinars/events are designed to help you find your next job, maintain your career, negotiate an appropriate salary, understand ethical considerations in the workplace and learn about other career-building strategies and public policy developments that affect your profession.

Critical Thinking for Engineers: IEEE-USA Free Live Stream Webinar

We live in times in which we’re bombarded with information of all sorts vying for our attention and sometimes intended to move us to action. If we’re not careful, we are acting on someone else’s best interests–not necessarily your own. And if you are an engineer, or in a technical field, then critical thinking is all the more important to ensuring you’re using the right information, data and insights to deliver the most effective and potentially novel, break-through solution you can. In this webinar, we explore the key aspects of critical thinking: analytical skills, data analysis, interpretation, judgment, questioning evidence, and healthy skepticism. This aptitude allows for much richer, better solutions to real-world challenges.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Key Parameters that Might Ruin your Hyperspectral Data

At 3:30 on Wednesday, Trond Løke of NORSK ELEKTRO OPTIKK AS will give an overview of hyperspectral imaging and technologies followed by detail about the various quality parameters used in hyperspectral imaging and what kind of errors one might expect in the data. Far to often, many of the top-level specifications related to hyperspectral systems do not adequately inform the user about the true quality of a given system. In his facility, they routinely evaluate and characterize these systems thus he will provide insight about these top-level parameters. Furthermore, given years of experience, he will discuss how to calibrate and characterize hyperspectral systems with additional commentary on proper operation so as to get the most out of your system and resulting data. Lastly, he will illustrate examples as they relate to the field of remote sensing.

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