Talk 1/18/2021: “Function space data representation of temporal signals for machine learning”

On January 18th, 2021, @ 17:30, Kiran Vaddi will present this virtually. Sign up at .

“Temporal signals emerge in material science from both experiments and computer simulations to understand a physical phenomenon. For example, it is often desirable to collect responses of materials for a particular loading that changes over time to elicit steady-state or equilibrium behavior. A characteristic signal is collected for each material of interest and analyzed to extract scientific knowledge about the material. In this talk, we will be discussing a particular characterization technique called cyclic voltammetry (CV) that characterizes a material in an electrochemical environment such as a battery cell. CV experiment involves sweeping over a time-varying voltage load applied to the electro-chemical cell and collecting current output as a temporal response. CV is a critical tool in characterizing and understanding behavior of potential battery materials for clean and efficient energy storage. “

Kiran is a PhD candidate at the department of Materials Design and Innovation at the University at Buffalo. He obtained his bachelors and master from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in mechanical engineering.

Negotiating Conflict with Emotional Intelligence

The Rochester Section PACE and TEMS Chapter and RocAgile are jointly sponsoring an on-line meeting on Negotiating Conflict with Emotional Intelligence. To sign up, click to

Research continues to show that not only is emotional intelligence (EI) a greater predictor of success than intellectual intelligence (IQ,) it also leads to a happier, healthier life. While emotions can contribute to challenges, with EI, they become resources to fuel collaboration, resolve conflict and enhance relationships. The best part is, EI is learnable! This workshop will combine an interactive presentation with an individual and peer to peer activity. Participants will have the opportunity to view a conflict situation through the lens of
Emotional Intelligence and work with a partner to give and receive feedback.


After 15 years in corporate HR, Melanie was frustrated by check box exercises and the slow pace of change. In 2018 she left her FT job and started People Minded. Now she utilizes her innate ability to see the potential in others and extract their best, to help startups and small businesses hire the right people and maximize their individual potential. Through her partnership with Six Seconds, Melanie utilizes a variety of Emotional Intelligence based tools and assessments, to build bridges for discussing people performance and workplace dynamics in simple, human language. As the Co-Founder of DisruptHR in Rochester, NY, Melanie strives to inspire new ways of addressing persistent challenges in organizations and the community. Melanie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management from St. John Fisher College, a Change Leadership certificate from Cornell University and is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Assessor and Practitioner.

2019 Fellow in the Rochester Section

Dr. Mujdat Cetin, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Robin and Tim Wentworth Director, Goergen Institute for Data Science was elevated to IEEE Fellow for contributions to image processing for synthetic aperture radar and sensor array in 2019

Mujdat Cetin, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. Mr. Cetin takes over July 1, 2019 as the Goergen Institute for Data Science’s interim director for a one-year term. He replaces Ehsan Hoque, assistant professor of computer science, who held the position for a year and a half while the University conducted a nationwide search for a permanent director to replace Henry Kautz, the institute’s founding director. Photo by Bob Marcotte, University Communications,

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