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Calendar of IEEE Rochester Section Events
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  • Preside over first Section Executive Committee meeting.
  • Formulate Section meeting plans for coming year.
  • Complete appointment of Section Committee Chairs and representatives.
  • Find out date of the Regional Committee meeting and make plans to attend.
Vice Chair
  • Establish Joint Chapters Organizing Committee.
  • Obtain previous year’s financial records from former Treasurer.
  • Ascertain that proper signatures (current officers and IEEE Director of Finance, Michael Sosa) are on all bank accounts.
  • Oversee preliminary budget approval.
  • If it hasn’t already been done, report names, member numbers and contact information of Section officers and Chapter Chairs to Region Director and IEEE Headquarters.
  • Request Calendar of Events from all Chapters for coming year.
Program Committee
  • Program of Section, Subsection and Chapter meetings for the coming year, including speakers, to be outlined.
Section SAMIEEE Diskette Recipient
  • Register or re-register now for SAMIEEE (Section Access to Membership Information) program.
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Vice Chair or Secretary
  • Complete master calendar of all Section activities for the coming year, including all Section, Subsection and Chapter meetings.
  • Determine that the Section, Subsection and Chapters will hold minimum number of meetings of the year:  5 for Sections, 5 for Subsections, 2 for Chapters.
  • Announce Joint Chapters Logistics to Chapters & submit initial plans to RES for publication.
  • Verify that previous year’s meeting reports are submitted to IEEE Headquarters by third week of the month.
  • Verify that previous year’s financial report has been submitted to IEEE Headquarters by third week of the month.
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  • Establish Annual Social Award Banquet Organizing Committee.
Vice Chair
  • Submit final Joint Chapters information to RES for publication.
  • Send out bulk mailing of Joint Chapters to membership.
  • Transfer funds for bulk mailing.
  • Oversee final budget approval
Membership Development key dates
  • Half-year dues now available for new or re-instating members.
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Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Watch for Section’s rebate check in mail, sent to Treasurer’s attention.   Copy of back up is sent to other officers.  When it arrives, review back up for accuracy, deposit check.  If the Section does not receive a check, contact Section/Chapter Support to find out reason.
  • Announce Annual Social Awards Banquetn logistics to EXCOMM & submit to RES for publication.
Section SAMIEEE Diskette Recipient
  • New SAMIEEE diskette should arrive end of April/ beginning of May.
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Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Receives letter of notification regarding any inactive Chapters within the Section.
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Membership Development key date
  • Cut-off for current year membership applications.
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Chair (or Sections Congress representative)
  • Register at Section’s Congress Hotel.
Membership Development key date
  • Membership for upcoming year is available.
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  • Consider appointments to the Nominations Committee for next year’s Section officers. (In some cases, the Nominations Committee is a standing Section Committee)
  • IEEE solicits names of candidates recommended for IEEE elective offices and for appointments to Institute Standing Committees and Boards.
Chair or Section Representative
  • Attend Sections Congress.
Membership Development key date
  • 1rst dues renewal notice is sent via mail or email from IEEE Headquarters.
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  • Names of newly elected Fellows are available from IEEE Headquarters.  Make arrangements for honoring new Fellows at an appropriate ceremony during the first quarter of the coming year.
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Outgoing Chair
  • Prepare  consolidated report of Section activities during term of office, submitting copies to Region Director and Incoming Chair.
Incoming Chair
  • Immediately following election, appoint Chairs of all Section Committees, as provided in the Section Bylaws,
  • Start to develop recommended program of Section activities for coming year.
Outgoing Secretary
  • Notify IEEE Headquarters and Region Directors of the names, member numbers and contact information of all newly elected Section officers and Chapter Chairs.
Outgoing Treasurer
  • Prepare annual report on the finances of the Section.  Have accounts in proper order for an audit.
  • Arrange for transfer of all financial records to incoming Treasurer.
Incoming Treasurer
  • Start to prepare preliminary budget for review by the Section Chair.
  • Obtain financial records from outgoing Treasurer.
Membership Development key date
  • 2nd membership renewal notice sent from IEEE Headquarters.
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