2020 IEEE Student Scholarship awarded to Madeline Loui

The winner of the IEEE Rochester Section, RES Scholarship for 2020, is Madeline Loui. Madeline is a Junior at Georgia Institute of Technology with a 4.0 GPA, who is majoring in Electrical Engineering. She began distinguishing herself with a summer internship at RIT while still in high school, by writing software to analyze images of an ancient map to reveal hidden content.

At GIT, Madeline has worked with NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on several projects, including developing custom hardware and software for a satellite-based object recognition system using a convolutional neural network and a stereo vision algorithm. She worked with Northop Grumman on standardized data validation software, as well as security software. In the classroom, Madeline has served as a teaching assistant in a digital design lab, providing mentoring and technical assistance for 30 students. Professionally, she is serving as the Chair of the Atlanta, Georgia chapter of Women in Electrical and Computer Engineering Industry, as the point of contact for faculty, industry sponsors, and social media outreach.

2020 Terra Science Fair

Two of our members, Sreeram Dhurjaty and Mark Schrader, helped judge entries in the 2020 Terra Science and Engineering Fair. Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns and the need for physical distancing, the entrants used electronic communications to present their work to the judges, who participated from as far away as Texas. More than 50 students, from 19 schools and homeschooling in Monroe, Ontario, and Wayne counties, entered with impressive projects. The judges awarded six “Highest Honor Commendations” to these projects: “Watching our Water 2.0”, “A Comparative Analysis of Underactuated 3D Printed Hands”, “Bridges”, “SODIS Method”, “The Effects of K-12 Bliss on Antibiotic Resistant Organisms”, and “Green Tea as a Preventive Measure Against Disease Pathways Originating in the Oral Cavity”.